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Meet with you in the spring of 2018 Canton Fair

May. 07, 2018 Hits: 1462

The China Import and Export Commodity Fair, short for Canton Fair, is the largest import and export trade exhibition in China. The Canton Fair is held twice a year and is divided into a spring show and an autumn show. The venue is Guangzhou.

This year's Spring Fair will be held in the same time as before. The second phase will be scheduled for April 23-27. As a newcomer who just came to the company, I was trusted and sent to participate in the Canton Fair.

This is my first time attending. I will inevitably feel a little embarrassed, but I am more ambitious and expectant. Compared with emails from customers in the past, this face-to-face negotiation is more real and more challenging.

Before the exhibition, we need to do enough homework, including the handling of exhibition documents, preparation of exhibits and familiarity with product knowledge. At the same time, we need to conduct pre-show training so that each exhibitor knows his task and division of labor. In addition, we also need to inform the customers of the current e-mail exchanges about the exhibition booths and maximize the use of exhibition resources.

This exhibition has benefited me a lot. From the discussions with buyers, we can see that this year they value the quality of their products more. At the same time, they also have great confidence in the prospects of the diaper industry, and as professionals specializing in this industry. This, of course, is an advantage.

Most of the buyers visited at this exhibition came from Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. In terms of population distribution, these countries accounted for the vast majority of the world, and the exchanges with them also made us more familiar with the markets in these regions. Including the tariff rates, living habits and market size, etc. It made a good foundation for the future expansion of the territory. Chiaus diapers will develop better.