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The world's lullaby grows with the children

Jul. 13, 2018 Hits: 1380

In June 2017, a little baby was crying at the scene of the donation of the “Blue Ribbon” charity event to the Guangzhou Children's Welfare Institute. At this time, a Chiaus employee used to hold him in his arms, gently patted, and gently picked up the lullaby, the baby soon fell asleep. Chiaus discovered at this time that children in welfare homes need more than material help and emotional care. However, the welfare of the welfare home is limited, the caregivers can only take care of their daily routine, and can not accompany them, giving more emotional love.

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Chiaus decided to launch a new charity project, in the name of a lullaby companion, to raise funds for these children, to hire more caregivers for the orphans, to take care of the children's daily life, and to provide them with more emotional care.

However, how can a public welfare activity involve more people and make it more valuable?

1. Chiaus × Children's Hope House, Charity 3.0

Chiaus specially invited mothers from nine countries to record a "Lullaby of the World" album, calling on everyone to pay attention to the issue of orphan companionship. By guiding users to purchase the "Lullaby of the World" album in the form of 1 yuan, attract more people's attention and raise more funds for the children to achieve the purpose of public welfare.

2, warmth TVC, empathy is to think about the problem from the perspective of the target group

Due to the busy work, most parents are unable to stay with their children at all times, missing some important first time for their children, "first learn to walk", "learn to speak for the first time" and so on. Companionship is hard to come by, but for the children of the welfare home, companionship is even more unreachable.

3. "Pillow Love Song: A little more companionship"

Mother missed many "first time" scenes of her baby because of her busy work. In fact, it is difficult to break the reality of the problems faced by ordinary families.

Every parent understands the importance of accompanying a child, because each moment of struggle is for a better life for the child. Therefore, we can accompany our children as much as we can.

However, for children who are homeless, they do not get these companions. Because of the huge gap between the number of nurses and children, daily care is already the limit.

Fortunately, lullaby is also the best companion, because this kind of companionship is unusual and precious, and it is more able to let everyone feel the urgent need of children.

4.H5 video: increase user engagement and goodwill

Chiaus "World Lullaby Companion Program" H5, a combination of video and interaction, follow the TVC's warmth to drive users to help children and more.

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For the public, they are more willing to participate in a warm and meaningful public good. Music itself has a strong form of appeal and it is easy to impress the public.

From a primary brand focused on diapers to a national brand with significant influence, it is always Chiaus' charity to use its own strength to help the world move in a better direction. Unforgettable, it must be extraordinary. For Chiaus, this is not the end, this is the beginning.