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What's the Time to Change Diaper

Mar. 08, 2018 Hits: 1354

  Mommy should change baby's diapers regularly. Baby's pee, combined with the bacteria in her poo, may make her skin sore and lead to diaper rash. Change your baby's diaper before or after every feed, or whenever she's had a poo.

  If your baby wakes in the night for a feed change the diaper as part of your usual routine. Otherwise your baby may wake an hour later because she has a full diaper. You may wish to use wipes during the night to clean your baby up if you're worried about disturbing her.

  Chiaus baby diapers for young babies have a wetness indicator on them. This is a line that changes colour if the diaper is wet. Disposable diapers absorb moisture particularly well, so you may not always be able to gauge their wetness until they're soaked. Check for wetness every couple of hours by testing with a clean finger.