China adult diaers manufacture underwear pants for elderly OEM SERVICES

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Place of Origin: Fujian, China
Brand Name:CHIAUS
Model Number:BL202
Material:Non Woven Fabric,Composite absorbent core,PE film,etc
Type:Disposable, disposable ADULT diapers/diapers PANTS distributor wanted/OEM available
Service: ODM &OEM

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Chiaus cottony soft new born size disposable baby diapers China factory

Item No Size Baby Weight Packing
pcs/bag bags/bale
BL202 M








Main Features

●  3D pearl pattern absorbent surface
Accelerated absorption,more softer touch

● Exclusive patented dual-core technology
More quickly in absorption and more dryness.

●  Soft and Breathable Waistband
Provide the same softness as baby diapers

● Add original dispelling taste antibacterial factor
Effectively reduce odor and avoid bedsore

● Ultra soft and breathable bottom film
Delicate and skin-friendly, not hot and humid

When it comes to adult pull-up diapers with a high absorbency capacity, there are several options available on the market. These diapers are specially designed for individuals who experience heavy incontinence, such as those with severe bladder or bowel control issues.High absorbency adult pull-up diapers are typically made from multiple layers of absorbent materials, such as fluff pulp, superabsorbent polymers (SAP), and other absorbent fibers. These materials work together to quickly draw in and lock away moisture, preventing leaks and odors.The diaper’s design is also crucial in ensuring it can handle high levels of incontinence. High absorbency pull-up diapers often have a larger capacity and more coverage than regular pull-up diapers. They may also have a reinforced front or back area to provide extra protection against leaks.In addition to their superior absorbency, many high absorbency adult pull-up diapers come with additional features such as wetness indicators, odor control, and secure leg cuffs. Some brands also offer side tabs or tear-away sides for easy removal.Overall, high absorbency adult pull-up diapers are an excellent choice for individuals with heavy incontinence who require an extra layer of protection and comfort. They allow for greater peace of mind and confidence, ensuring that the wearer can go about their day without worrying about accidents or discomfort.

International Certificates

At present,Chiaus has obtained the certificates of BRC, FDA, CE, BV, and SMETA for the company and SGS, ISO and FSC certification for the products.


Global Material Supplier

Chiaus has partnered with several leading material suppliers including Japanese SAP producer Sumitomo, American company Weyerhaeuser, German SAP producer BASF, USA company 3M, German Henkel and other global top 500 companies.


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