In Chiaus, one of the most important principles is to grow with your partners. Based on this philosophy, Chiaus not only manufactures the world-class products, but also shares successful branding to all clients. With a highly professional and talented marketing team, a effective and mature branding system, abundant experience of marketing promotion and sales channel penetration, we are capable to drive our client's business as a whole and help them to gain market share rapidly.

Chiaus sees every piece of diaper sold as a promise to give babies the best care, and the delivery of our senses of values to build a better life in every way we can. We sincerely appreciate all our clients choosing to work with Chiaus and spreading the fineness to the world.


Chiaus has distributors all over the world and more customers are seeking to sell products under Chiaus brand. If you are in these areas, you can get free samples locally.


Looking for Exclusive Agent Also provide OEM Services

We Offer

● Premium and innovative products;
● Versatile product line;
● Full marketing supports;
● Local branding;
● Deployed staff to assist;
● Long term partnership;

We Prefer

● Experience in Baby products business;
● Experience in importing and agenting;
● Resources in distribution and retail;
● Company in considerable scale and professional;
● A reliable team;
● Strong intention;