Chiaus cooperated with SF Express to organize the “Box Partner Plan” event in Xiamen-Chiaus,worth taking away

Steps of Genius, Care of Chiaus.

Chiaus Diapers and Chiaus Carton,  both are worth taking away.

SF Express is a comprehensive service provider of express logistics in China, headquartered in Shenzhen. After years of development, SF Express has initially established the ability to provide customers with integrated logistics solutions, not only providing logistics services at the distribution end, but also extending to the production, supply, sales and distribution links at the front end of the value chain. Starting from consumer demand, it takes data as the traction and uses big data analysis and cloud computing technology. To provide customers with warehouse management, sales forecasting, big data analysis, financial management and other package solutions. Sf Express is also a smart logistics operator with network scale advantages. After years of dedicated management and forward-looking strategic layout, SF Express has formed a comprehensive logistics service network with “sky network + ground network + information network” three networks in one, which can cover domestic and foreign countries. Its direct network is a unique and scarce comprehensive logistics network system among domestic peers with strong network control and high stability.

  • SF Express’ s quick delivery services is popular for customers. Chiaus have made the coopeartion with SF Express more than 15years,devliery Chiaus diapers to every families.
  • Then  how do u deal the carton after u receive the parcel? Let us do the carton renovation and planted plants in them.
  • Chiaus cooperated with SF Express to organize the “Box Partner Plan” event in Xiamen, carton renovation to planted plants in them.
  • Chiaus diapers could provide the good cares for your baby ,Chiaus cartons could be reuseful. Doing plants in the carton with your baby.Enjoy the good families time. Green and environmentally friendly, create a better future together.
  • Chiaus diapers,be worth taking away. Chiaus Carton ,also be worth taking away.


Post time: Oct-31-2023