Chiaus New Defines of Disposable Adult Diapers,Thin and Fast Absorption and Exclusive dual core patent

Chiaus New Defines of Disposable Adult Diapers:

1.Soft and thin suck fast

2. Dry and comfortable for one more degree

3. Skin friendly perforated surface layer, like baby diapers’skin friendly and breathable

4. Add antibacterial deodorant factor, intimate solution difficult to say hidden

5.Exclusive dual core * patent

6. One night without leaking urine, peace of mind to sleep;


Chiaus, 18yeas of persist in develope more and more skin care baby tape diapers for baby, but also develope more and more skin care and soft enjoyment for old people. Chiaus,always persit in provide the best care for all the baby and the whole families.

Why Choose Chiaus?

18years of Production and R&D experiences, nowadays have recognized as the leading diapers brand and factory in China market. Besides, also popular to sell in the oversea market, both could do OEM & ODM services. We have customers from USA, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Domincan, Uganda, Ghana,Venezuela,Bangladesh, Australia, Cambodia,etc

Chiaus have a very strict quality control system and all the related diapers materials all do the cooperation with the excellent supplier. Such as the Germany BASF,  Germany’ HAN GAO hot melt adhesive  American lycra high elastic band,etc.

18 years of manufacture and R&D experiences, persist in provide the best love care for all the babies and the whole families. Choose Chiaus baby diapers, enjoy the relax whole day.

Chiaus have more than 20 series of different quality of diapers could let u choose and also could do the new customization for u. We are always know what is the most important of doing products and doing brand. Our factory locate in Quanzhou,Fujian,China,Besides, also have our ow office building in Xiamen,Fujian,China.Welcome to visit us at any time. Win win cooperation with Chiaus.

Choose Chiaus, Make your life moe beauty and more easy. And to be the trusted global brand.


Post time: Sep-08-2023