Congratulation to Chiaus”Nature Blesses Skin” serie diapers win the highest honor-the Platinum Award in the 2023 MUSE DESIGN AWARDS, a leading international design award.

MUSE DESIGN AWARDS, a leading international design award. 

Chiaus”Nature Blesses Skin”seriers baby tape diapers design,win the highest honor-the Platinum Award in the 2023 MUSE DESIGN AWARDS, a leading international design award.

Chiaus,18 years’ love research  for “skin care diapers”-more natural and more suitable for your choice. 18Years of manufacture and R&D experiences, have more than 15 series of different quality of diapers could for your choices. Besides, also could provide customization services.

“Nature Blesses Skin”seriers baby tape diapers:

① plant-healing surface (main selling point)

Natural and friendly material: the surface layer contains degradable fiber, reducing plastic and environmental protection, and reducing the burden of natural environment

More on the muscle graft material: facing fiber containing centella asiatica essence, natural and close skin, plant bacteriostasis, effectively relieve the fart fart dangerous muscle

②【 Breath of muscle 】 Bionic core (auxiliary selling point)

The positioning core is developed by the plant hollow catheter, which can conduct the positioning infiltration quickly, isolate the urine moist stimulation, and permeate the water

③【 Soft 】 Delicate surface (auxiliary selling point)

0.8 Ultra-fine denier fiber surface, touch the delicate and soft, luxury baby’s delicate skin

6. Other selling points:

① Air cushion cloud layer: 3D cloud pattern increases the air cushion feeling of the surface layer, reduces the contact surface between diaper and skin, and effectively dissipates humidity and heat

② Zero sense ring waist sticker: front waist sticker plant bionic film design, thin and delicate, one leaf molding, with V-hook Velcro, seamless fit small belly (diaper)

③ Youji Bubble waist: Youji bubble large ring waist design, gentle and fluffy tummy care (pull-up pants)

From baby care to skin care,Chiaus always persists in provide the best care for the whole families, and persist in being the global trust baby care brand.

Steps of Genius, Care of Chiaus. 


Post time: Sep-15-2023