Get rid of the parenting anxiety! Chiaus hand in hand with Tsinghua mother, to escort the beautiful baby life!

Different from the traditional parenting model, today’s new generation of parents are more inclined to elaborate parenting concepts. From the birth of a newborn to the growth process, from simply giving to the pursuit of better quality, from affordable to the pursuit of cost-effective, the concept of parenting is undergoing earth-shaking changes. “Try to give children the best everything” is the unchanging tacit understanding of parents. The birth of infants and young children brings happiness to the family is indescribable, and on the road to care, some new parents often fall into parenting anxiety due to lack of experience. “How do you let your baby learn to sleep on his own?” “Always afraid your baby won’t be able to keep up?” “Can having a second child really achieve balance?” The above questions and so on are the problems encountered by the new generation of parents on the road to parenting.


As a senior domestic brand enterprise, Chiaus deeply insight into the pain points of contemporary parents in parenting, in order to let the new generation of parents get rid of all kinds of parenting anxiety, Chiaus specially invited 3 Tsinghua mothers for the newborn mother and child family tips, mainly around the newborn baby sleep problems, how to tap the baby’s potential and guide the second child life of these three themes. Through the practical experience and sharing of Kochi mothers with children on the road, we help mothers to start a new life of parenting more confidently and easily.


Regarding the sleep problem of small month-old babies, according to the needs and sleep habits of babies of different months, Tsinghua Mother’s new hand summed up an effective way for 0-1-year-old babies to sleep, so that mothers and babies can easily achieve sleep freedom. Tsinghua mother Fumeng said that in order to let her baby sleep well, she has done a lot of homework, including choosing a good diaper for her baby. “I have heard of this brand before, after all, it is also an old brand of domestic goods for many years; I chose Chiaus because I heard that it was jointly developed with the chemical engineering Department of Tsinghua University, and I would feel more at ease, so I bought it and tried it and found it was really good.”


Enlightenment early education is a problem that parents are very concerned about, how to develop the baby’s brain potential, many new parents are at a loss. Tsinghua mother Mo Mo found that sensory balance plays an important role in brain development, from sports to learning, can not be separated from a good sensory balance. In order to allow the baby to actively cooperate with the sense of training, Qing Hua Mo Mo studied several sense of small games that can be played at home, and soft diapers can better stimulate the baby’s nature to play. “After all, Chiaus is a brand trusted by the people for 18 years, the first impression is more assured, I also compared a lot of diapers, found that Chiauss products are more comfortable for the baby to use, the touch is particularly good, and it is also assured to go out to play, the suction is very large, and it is also very convenient to change back and forth, so now basically use Chiauss series.”


In the deep cultivation of the maternal and child industry for more than seventeen years, the company has always adhered to quality first, provided products and service support, and led the industry. Since its establishment, with its own strong production and research and development strength, the company has won a number of diaper patents and won major awards in the maternal and infant consumer products category. The new soft universe series of nappies of Chiaus new soft universe series with the super comfortable product experience strength of “3D ring soft, touched is gentle”, which won the unanimous recognition and praise of many well-known talents and heads.


Steps of Genius, Care of Chiaus” for the Chiaus, this is not only a slogan, more in-depth brand genes. In order to better protect the beautiful life of thousands of mother and child families, Chiaus focuses on creating excellent products with the spirit of continuous exploration and innovation, and at the same time, starting from the many problems of contemporary parenting life, escorting more families with positive parenting dry goods confident parenting scientific parenting. It is hoped that in the near future, with its dedicated professional and warm brand strength, Chiaus‘s will help more mother and baby families to open a beautiful baby life.






Post time: Oct-08-2023