What is the different between baby tape diapers and pants style?

Baby tape diapers and baby pants and both share the same features and benefits. Then how do you tell them ‘s different?
Simply! The easiest way to tell them apart is to look at their waist line. Pant style diapers will have an elastic waistband that wraps around your hips for a stretchy, comfortable fit. This style of diaper is designed just like a regular underpant that can be pulled up and down whenever the need arises.For the more details:

  • These are designed like regular underwear with an elastic waistband, allowing users to pull them up and down.
  • These are more convenient to wear and remove, making them a preferred choice for active and independent individuals.
  • Provide a snug fit similar to regular underwear, making the experience comfortable.
  • Suitable for individuals who are active and self-dependent.

Chiaus have more then 10 series of different quality design of baby pants,which size from M-L-XL-XXL, and now Chiaus have developed real super large size of disposable baby diapers pants, size from XXXL to XXXXXXL.(3xl-5xl). Scientific design dimension for the baby who need the extra large size of baby diapers pants;Scientific design of Super large absorption, Super Dryness, make baby enjoy the whole day.

How to wear baby pants?
{Pull on}

  • When baby stand up, let him hold you and put his legs through the diaper pants.
  • When baby lies down, put your hands from the bottom of diaper pants and pull your baby’s legs through the diaper pants.
  • Pull on the diaper pants to the baby’s belly.
  • Adjust the diaper pants to fit baby’s waist, and pull out the leaking

{Pull off}

  • Tear the side from top to bottom.
  • If baby poo, let him lie down and tear both sides then take away the diaper pants .

How about baby tape diaeprs?

  • Tape style diapers on the other hand, will have refastenable tapes on the sides which allow the user or their caregiver to make adjustments multiple times or as often as needed.
  • These diapers have adhesive tapes on the sides and are worn by fastening the tapes around the waist.
  • These require assistance for wearing and removal, especially for those who face mobility issues.
  • Offer a customisable fit as the tapes allow adjustments around the waist and legs.
  • Suitable for individuals who are bedridden or require assistance with diaper changes.

Chiaus have more then 10 series of different quality design of baby tape diapers, size from NB-S-M-L-XL-XXL,ETC, Different quality of diapers design could meet different demands. Beside, Chiaus also could provide the customization for customers, that Chiaus have made a cooperation with customers from different countries,which have sold in more than 15 countries now.

How to wear baby tape diapers?

  • Open diaper and put the side with magic tapes;
  • Please strengthen it when tear the hook, stick them to the proper place of the loop.
  • In order to prevent leakage, please pull out the leak guards.
  • Tidy the whole diaper and let baby fell comfortable.

Choose the suitable styles of diapers to your baby according their ages.Choose Chiaus diapers to have a good enjoying wholeday.

What is the different between baby tape diapers and pants style


Post time: Apr-17-2024