Chiaus heavy absorption adult diapers for older China factory OEM

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Place of Origin: Fujian, China
Brand Name:CHIAUS
Model Number:WK037
Material:Non Woven Fabric,Composite absorbent core,PE film,etc
Type:Disposable, disposable ADULT diapers/diapers distributor wanted/OEM available
Service: ODM &OEM

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Chiaus cottony soft new born size disposable baby diapers China factory

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WK037 M









Main Features

● Scientific design-“8”shape core pattern
The cutting shape of absorption is fitting better with human.

● Breathable diaper film design
Ultra dry and breathable, hot could in quick release.

● Wetness Indicator Reminder
Reminder change diapers in time that keep dry in anytime.

● Imported SAP and Fluff pulp mixed evenly
The core will swell up after absorption. The more SAP, the more better in absporption

Adult diapers with high absorbency are an essential product for those with incontinence issues or mobility problems. These diapers are specially designed to provide maximum protection and absorbency, making them an ideal choice for overnight use or extended periods of time.Adult diapers with high absorbency feature multiple layers of absorbent material, which help to quickly lock in and contain moisture while keeping the skin dry and comfortable. The high-quality materials used in these diapers ensure that they are soft and non-irritating to the skin, even after prolonged use.The diapers also come with adjustable tabs, which provide a secure and comfortable fit for any body type. With their exceptional absorbency, these diapers can keep users feeling dry and confident for extended periods, allowing them to go about their day without worry or concern.In addition to their high absorbency, adult diapers come in a wide range of sizes, making it easy for anyone to find the right size and fit. Some also come with added features such as elastic waistbands, leg cuffs, and wetness indicators, which provide additional comfort and convenience for users.Adult diapers with high absorbency can be used by those with urinary or fecal incontinence, those with mobility issues or those who are bedridden. They are also useful for those recovering from surgery or injury, providing them with the necessary protection and support during their healing process.Overall, adult diapers with high absorbency provide individuals with peace of mind and comfort, allowing them to confidently tackle their daily activities without worrying about incontinence issues. They are an essential item for anyone facing incontinence or mobility issues, ensuring that they can maintain their dignity and independence.

International Certificates

At present,Chiaus has obtained the certificates of BRC, FDA, CE, BV, and SMETA for the company and SGS, ISO and FSC certification for the products.


Global Material Supplier

Chiaus has partnered with several leading material suppliers including Japanese SAP producer Sumitomo, American company Weyerhaeuser, German SAP producer BASF, USA company 3M, German Henkel and other global top 500 companies.


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